I love ECN because it’s not like any other gym or fitness centre. I’ve tried other gyms, and just feel awkward! From the day I walked in, I felt welcome and now some of my closest firends have been met through the studio. We’re a family! I’ve lost a ton of weight and learnt to be confident in myself. Pole is my obsession and my therapy. I can’t remember what I did with my time before I was and ECN’r!

It’s a great way to get fit and have fun at the same time! Everyone is so supportive and there’s a great variety of classes, so you never get bored with the same old routine…..Who wouldn’t want to play with?!
Joining ECN has helped my confidence grow when I didn’t think I could do things. You see the results from the effort you put in! The classes are well structured and fun. Everyone is so nice and supportive, it makes you feel welcome.

ECN changed my lifestyle for the best. I walked in on my own wanting to get back in shape and do something different and was welcomed with complete support. Since then I have never looked back! All classes are so fun and energetic and the instructors are by far the best you will find. Fun, flexible and always taking note on any changes or additions we like in classes. We have fun every session, learn something new and it feels like a proper family! We can even ask anything we like about exercise or nutrition (however stupid!) and it feels like you are completely tailored to!

My Journey:


So the picture on the bottom left was my works Xmas doo 2015. It’s cropped to bit, cropped my arm out, my belly, my legs. Cropped my hubby out because he looked fit and I didn’t! I hated my face but the pic would have been odd if I’d cropped that out too!

I couldn’t find anything to wear, nothing fit, I felt horrible. I’d gotten bigger and bigger over the last few years (all inclusive holidays, working, kids commitments, hubby who works crazy hours, lazy with making meals) I’d resorted to getting a size 20 jeans!
I’d always been around a size 16 since having the kids, so this a noticeable change!

My kids are 14 and 10 now, not babies and we’re off doing activities they enjoyed through the week, hubby has an active job and plays football too. I realised I was the only one in the house who didn’t really do anything they enjoyed out of the house. I’d thought about the gym and toning up but honestly I wasn’t motivated enough. I hate being indoors when I’m hot and I’m so uncoordinated for classes.

I’d been following milfit on Facebook for a while thinking it looked like something I’d try but kept talking myself out of it. Everyone would be slimmer, fitter, more toned, I couldn’t run, knee and lower back were painful etc.

I won the 4 week trial comp in April and I’ve honestly not looked back since. I love it!

There is no motivation like it. The whole ECN family are amazing. We laugh, scream and moan every session but come back every week for more of the same.

It’s so varied, working different areas with really quick noticeable results. I’ve been hooked from day 1!

I’ve stuck to slimming world and milfit, my weight loss has been harder but I’m becoming fitter, loosing fat and gaining muscle so I’m not as bothered by the number on the scales. My whole body shape has changed. I’m almost at the 2 stone Mark now.

I’ve had so many lovely compliments and people notice my weight loss and body change. I’ve not done it for that but it sure does make your day.
For the first time in years I’m happy at the weight I am (although I’ll keep going to target as once I set a goal I do not give up!)
I’m happier with the shape I am now than I thought I would have been at target weight.
The main thing for me is I have found something for me. Something I enjoy and motivates me to keep on this journey & I’m fitter and healthier than I have been in years for doing it!
💗 ECN milfit