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I joined ECN over 4 years ago to try the latest fitness craze out that was zumba. I never really wanted to lose weight, it was more a bit of fun and to keep fit. It was probably 2 years ago though that I had changed my job to a less active one and a lot of things in my personal life changed that I really started to focus on my fitness. ECN became my sanity where it became more than just working out, it became a way of life and part of my routine. The staff at ECN are so motivating and friendly and are more than just gym instructors but id now say more like mates. 4 years on I am now the healthiest and fittest i’ve ever been with a better lifestyle and diet thanks to ECN. The picture on the left is me this xmas and the 1 on the right 2 years ago.

Natalie , Busy Midwife - Blackpool


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